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Tawa or Tandoori option
(Served with Makhani Gravy, Curd, Butter & Pickle)

MOPP - Mad Over Parathas & Pakodas is not just a brand name but it truly reflects the feelings of people behind the brand. We all have grown up eating Parathas and Pakodas made by our mums and miss them when we cannot have them! We serve the same mum style Parathas in more than 100 variety of fillings including fusion and healthier versions. Our Parathas are a wholesome meal in itself as they are served with gravy, curd, butter and pickle. Each of our Paratha measures about 9 inch in size and delivered in such a manner that you wouldn’t have to bother about plates, cutlery or even washing hands before and after the meals :)

We have worked hard to reinvent our Pakodas to give them an upgrade from the standard Pakodas as you would know. We call them Fusion Pakodas :) Our Fusion Pakodas taste even better and remain fresh and crispy when delivered in our custom designed packaging. They are great as a snack or a starter / appetizer or as finger food with your drinks.

Mad Over Pranthas & Pakodas!

Order now (on call): 82 87 25 23 05 / 0124 464 0326